Liubov Titarenko, pianist and klavecinist from Ukraine

Liubov Titarenko – Pianist and klavecinist from Ukraine

January 2024
SV Toverfluit

My name is Liubov Titarenko, I am a professional musician from Dnipro, Ukraine, where I started palying the piano at 5. I furthered my musical education at the Kyiv National Music Academy of Ukraine studying modern piano as well as harpsichord, and I completed my studies with a thesis about Elizabethan virginal music. During those years I participated in masterclasses and competitions in Poland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands. Next to a regular concert appearance and participation to several recordings I worked as korrepetitor at the Music Academy and at the National operetta theatre in Kyiv. This life was destroyed at once on the 24th of February 2022 when I closed the door of my flat in Kyiv and had to leave my country.

Thanks to my friends and to the music I came to the Netherlands. Here I found safety and met many generous people! But the most wonderful thing is that I found here the possibility to start my professional life again! It would not have been possible without the help of Stichting Vluchtelingen Toverfluit! As I am interested in early keayboard instruments one of my dreams was to study historical fortepiano and I am very happy to have now the wonderful opportunity to pursue my Master on this instrument at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. The price for studying changed and it was impossible to afford on my own. I am very grateful to the Toverfluit foundation for paying for my first year at CvA! Thanks to this generous donation I have an opportunity to deepen my knowledge, to improve my skills and hopefully soon have an artistic life! For that I am deeply grateful.