Toverfluit – The Foundation


Toverfluit aims to (structurally) support young refugees so that they could fully develop their talents as a solid foundation for their future.


Our goal is to (structurally) improve the lives of individual refugees so that they can go towards a better future. We do this by removing the obstacles they face, and offer them chances to build a new life in the Netherlands. By doing this, Toverfluit also hopes that the wider public can view these young people in a more positive light.


Toverfluit works together with experienced, professional organisations to identify and support young refugees with musical aspirations. Our foundation offers these refugees financial support, and helps them to connect with the appropriate parties in order to advance their endeavours and overcome their problems.


The foundation’s board has three members, and its activities are supported by volunteers. The board and volunteers of Toverfluit do not receive any salary or reimbursement of expenses.

The Toverfluit Foundation seeks financial donations from private parties as well as charity organisations. Toverfluit has an ANBI status (RSIN 8562.72.620), which makes donating for private parties financially attractive since it is tax-deductible.

Donations can be in the form of financial support, or to provide the resources necessary in carrying out projects. The foundation’s supporters include:


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