January 2023
SV Toverfluit

My name is Mohamed Al Tayeb, I am an independent singer/songwriter, composer, director and an activist, who sings to express stories that need to be heard and also commitment and support for people who struggle for democracy.

I started my singing career in my home country Sudan, and now I am based in the Netherlands.

I have released an album, an EP and multiple singles and music videos.
I wanted for my music to be a voice to support justice and to reflect the challenges faced by my people back home while also connecting with the Dutch and European cultures.

My first album where I collaborated with 35 artists from around the world, including a musician and a producer that were Grammy nominated; is focused on political issues in my country and problems like social injustice, corruption and inequality.

I like telling the stories that I think are worth being told, believing that art can power up messages and enable changes.

Currently I am in the process of creative writing and ideation of a project about endangered wildlife in Africa.

With the support of Stichting Toverfluit, I was able to fund my first study of music in the Netherlands, This study was a master course of curatorial practice in music at ArtEZ university of the Arts.

January 19th 2023